Load Analytics and Ad Networks Code Asynchronously

Analytics tracking codes and ad networks’ codes can also significantly impede your website speed, especially if the remote server is slow or down; you can easily prevent this problem by configuring all of your tracking codes to use asynchronous delivery; this way, a server outage…


Remove Spam Comments

Sites that get tons of traffic tend to get tons of spam comments. Spam comments are all taking irrelevant space. I’m trying to block them with the plugin named CleanTalk, but some of the spam comment slip through. https://wordpress.org/plugins/cleantalk-spam-protect/


Remove Gravatar images

Gravatar is the default way of handling comment avatars in WordPress. A very cool feature in itself, but it can have an impact on your site speed if your posts receive a lot of comments. This is simply a result of your site having to…


Remove any sliders from your design

Sliders may look cool, but they aren’t a valuable addition to your site on so many levels. Also, they tend to take a lot of time to load. The easiest fix is to remove all sliders you have on your site, and replace them with…


Regenerate thumbnails

This is something worth doing whenever you change your theme to a new one. Most themes use different thumbnail sizes. If your previous thumbnails – for the images uploaded in the past – aren’t optimized, they will take up more bandwidth. You can fix that…

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